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Zodi-cats: The Water Signs

On this blog, I have so far explored various facets of astrology in our lives: from its relationship with spirituality to its role in healing, remedies in astrology, our relationship with the planets, to how zodiac signs determine our personalities. The planets influence our lives and circumstances in more than one way.

But human lives and circumstances are not the only realm of astrology. In fact, it impacts our pets too! Astrology goes into the relevance of the bonds between us and our pets. Our pets’ personalities and consequently, how we can best take care of them, and ensure their well-being can as much be determined by the planets.

Zodi-cats, a four-part series delves into the personality traits of one such pet—cats, based on when they were born.

This first part below, covers the water signs.

These posts have been prepared especially for a page about Cats and Books, Keli Cat’s Book Corner, and also appear on its related blog, Literary Potpourri.


The water zodi-cat signs are as deep as the oceans. They have many treasures and natural powers hidden deep inside. They never ignore their inner voice and intuition. With strong water energies, the water zodi-cat signs’ core power is the ability to seek depth and forge deep soul connections.


22 June–22 July


The Cancer Zodi-Cat believes in the saying—Home is where the heart is. They are thinking about home even when they are away. They care dearly for their humans and will pour out their emotions without hesitation. It is best to let them nurture you.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: a comfortable home and surroundings

FAVORITE LINE: Home is where the heart is.


24 October–22 November


There is a craving for mystery and intrigue in Scorpio Zodi-Cats. It is unlikely they would play around just for fun. They are always looking for clues, inside stories and dark matter around them. Don’t try keeping them away from newly discovered holes.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: freedom to investigate

FAVORITE LINE: I am going to get to the bottom of this.


20 February–20 March


The Pisces Zodi-Cat is a dreamer. They believe in soul connections and know very well which one is the right one. They can see your aura and know your feelings and apprehensions. You can trust their intuition.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: Time for Reflection

FAVORITE LINE: I am all about soul connections.


I hope you enjoyed these personality profiles!

Also find them here- Keli Cat’s Book Corner

Watch out for the next part of our series on Earth Signs!


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