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Zodi-cats: The Earth Signs

Zodi-cats is a four-part series of posts prepared especially for the ‘cats and books’ page, Keli Cat’s Book Corner.

In this series, I explore the personality traits of our cats based on their sun-signs, since like us, Astrology can tell us much about our pets as well. Whether attached to their homes and humans or their toys, whether inclined to explore or to follow fixed routines, like us, our cats too have a range of personalities! The explorations in these posts will help us understand our furry friends a little better and take care of their needs.

In the first part of the post here, and on Literary Potpourri here, I described the characters of cats in the three ‘water signs’—Cancer (nurturing), Scorpio (mysterious), and Pisces (wise). Today’s post looks at the three ‘earth signs’—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

The Earth Signs

The earth signs cherish the bounties and gifts of mother earth. With deep connection with the energies of Earth, their core power is seeking connections and valuing what they have.


21 April–20 May

PERSONALITY: The Collector

The Taurus Zodi-Cats are in love with gifts, toys, and all their belongings. They take great pride in these little treasures. Don’t mind when they get too protective.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: Personal toys and belongings

FAVORITE LINE: This is mine and I will protect it.


24 August–23 September

PERSONALITY: The Orderly One

The Virgo Zodi-cat is in love with routine. They don’t mind doing the same things over and over including the same games and the same food. Their need for routine and orderliness might surprise you.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: consistency and a healthy routine



22 December–21 January

PERSONALITY: The Determined One

The Capricorn Zodi-cats can toil, focus and do big tasks. You can always try some serious tasks with them. Even in moments of silence, they can be pondering over matters. Don’t mind if they need time alone to focus and think.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: things that bring out their ability to focus and work hard.

FAVOURITE LINE: I’m here for the long run.


Do these fit any of your cats’ personalities? Do comment down below and let me know if it does, or if you’re enjoying these posts.

Part III of the series, focusing on kitties in the air signs, is coming soon!

This post also appears on Keli Cat’s Book Corner


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