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Zodi-cats: The Air Signs

Welcome to Part III of Zodi-cats, a four-part series written especially for the ‘cats and books’ page Keli Cat’s Book Corner on Literary Potpourri. The series, part of pet astrology, describes our feline friends’ personalities based on their birthdays and consequent sun signs.

While cats under the ‘earth signs’ seek connections and value what they have—their material belongings like toys (Zodi-cats Earth Signs post here), those under the ‘water signs’ seek depth and soul connections, relying on their inner voices (Zodi-cats: Water Signs post here). The description of their personalities can help us understand our pets a little better and also look after their needs in the best possible way.

Today’s post covers the air signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius!

Is your cat one of these? Do comment down below and let me know!

Air Signs

The Zodi-cat air signs are naturally in tune with the different energies around them. They are very understanding of others, including their subtle and non-verbal forms of expression. With a strong connection with the air element, the Air Zodi-cat’s core powers are relatability and receptivity.


21 May–21 June

PERSONALITY: The Versatile One

The Gemini Zodi-Cats love variety. They are comfortable with lots of communication, especially letting others know about their every mood and experience. They love their chat buddies the most.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: Freedom to communicate

FAVOURITE LINE: It’s chat time!


24 September–23 October

PERSONALITY: The Balanced One

The Libran Zodi-Cats have a keen sense of moderation and balance in all matters. They are very forward in appreciating harmony in the home. Don’t mind when they expect fairness in dealings.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: Moderation in matters of food and lifestyle.

FAVOURITE LINE: This is out of line, fix it.


22 January–19 February


The Aquairius Zodi-cats have a cosmic aura and personality. They feel a connection with all other living beings. It is not in their temperament to resort to anger, force and selfishness. They are humble in all matters and dealings.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: Compassionate dealing

FAVOURITE LINE: We are all in this together!


Hope you enjoyed this part of the series! Do comment down below if you did.

Part IV of the series, focusing on kitties in the fire signs, is coming soon!

This post also appears on Literary Potpourri here.


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