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Why look at Zodiac Signs?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Zodiac signs or rashis have always been popular. In everyday life, they are used to forecast daily, weekly or monthly fortunes and also define personality traits.

In the sky, the 12 zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces act as the background or environment in which the earth exists. Each of the zodiac signs or rashis is of 30 degrees in length and is unique in terms of symbols, elements and relationship with planets.

The following are the 12 zodiac signs with their natural elements:

1- Aries - Fire

2- Taurus- Earth

3- Gemini- Air

4- Cancer- Water

5- Leo- Fire

6-Virgo- Earth

7- Libra- Air

8- Scorpio- Water

9- Saggitarius- Fire

10- Capricorn-Earth

11 Aquarius- Air

12 Pisces- Water

Three reasons

There are many reasons to study and understand zodiac signs in astrology.


First, zodiac signs shape personalities. They have been relied upon to understand human life and behavior. Each sign symbolizes a vital phase of life experience, an archetypal segment of the whole, as well as a basic personality type. (See Charles and Suzi Harvey, Principles of Astrology, 1999).

Experiment - in the birth chart observe the following-

a. the sign in which the sun is placed

b. the sign in which the moon is placed

c. the sign of ascendant sign/ sign in the first house

The signs in which the above are placed will dominate the personality of the chart holder. E.g. if Sun and ascendant are both Aries, the energy of Aries is dominant. Sun here the ego and personality and ascendant the collection of aspirations and experiences of this lifetime. (For sign of Aries see- Deepa Kansra, The Aries Personality,


Second, zodiac signs influence planets. (e.g. astrological readings will involve assessments based on planet in signs like Saturn in Capricorn or Jupiter in Aries etc.) Zodiac signs are like the filters in the sky and when planets are placed in a zodiac sign, the planet reflects its own qualities/potential through the sign filters.

Planets in a particular sign will either be empowered or obstructed depending on the compatibility between the two. The analysis of planetary placements/strength in an individual chart revolves around this relationship of planets and signs. Armstrong says , there are many ways to understand the nuances of planet's empowerment, but the most obvious is the sign it occupies...the 12 signs either enhance the nature and functions of the planet or work against its natural purpose...(See Jeffrey Armstrong, Vedic Astrology Guidebook, 2012).


Third, signs activate houses of the chart. Each sign falls in one of the 12 houses of the chart and activates and shapes the area of life which the house represents. E.g. when the sign of Saggitarius falls in the 10th house of work, the professional/work related activities will be based on long term plans and a strong sense of morality about everything.

Fort the above reasons one can say that zodiac signs hold the key to determining the uniqueness of the astrological chart.

Which of the planets in your chart are empowered?

Out of the 12 zodiac personality types, which one are you?


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