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The Search (A Short Story)

The story begins from the day when Dol Ji is telling his daughter Diya about a revolving gold coin.

Dol Ji, in his youth, had seen a revolving gold coin in the caves near his village. He called it the coin of the divine, of which he made no mention to until his final days.

After sharing his secret with Diya, in the weeks that followed, Dol Ji's health condition declined, and he left for the heavenly abode.

From the day of her father's demise, Diya started visiting the caves every day for the coin of the divine. Fifteen years went by, and Diya's visits to the caves turned into a sacred ritual.

On one fateful day, Diya's village was being ravaged by a storm. Diya's family had a reason to worry. They knew that no storm could deter Diya from visiting the caves. And so she did.

On her way to the caves, Diya was at war with the storm. Her bruises and cuts would tell of her ordeal. Despite the obstructions, Diya finally reached the cave, which had by then become inaccessible because of the fallen rocks. Diya began tearing down the rocks, realizing soon enough that it was futile to do so. More than her physical strength, it was her heart that had crumbled.

Diya sighed and sat in front of the nearly eclipsed cave and wondered-

Why have all my efforts gone to waste?

Am I not deserving of the coin of the divine?

Does the coin even exist?

After moments of thought, Diya finally turned away from the mental ordeal and started making her way back home. Once again, she boldly crossed the fallen trees and crumbled rocks.

Just when approaching her village, a leaf, heavy as a rock fell on Diya. To her surprise, it was a leaf made of gold.

Before she could pick up the leaf, it began levitating and floating upwards, giving a message to Diya each time it turned. The leaf had a message engraved for Diya;

You have discovered your gold.

It is safely placed in your heart.

Use it well.

Your journey to the caves ends today.

From that day, Diya never visited the caves again.


Message from Diya-

The wealth/divine is within you but you need to find it; for which you need to persevere and face all odds.

Self discovery is a process.



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