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The Mystery of Numbers

What is in a number?

To many people, numbers have meaning, power and vibration. As a result they are often associated with luck and misfortunes.

In astrology and numerology, "the occult side of numbers" is greatly emphasised. Predictions or interpretations take into account "numbers" and their influence on everyday life. (e.g. 8 is Saturn's number, 4 = Rahu)

Cheiro in his books widely discussed the power of numbers (birth number/name number/house number) and how few numbers would show up again and again for people at important intervals of their life (recurring numbers in Cheiro's Numerology and Astrology).

Miller, a psychologist mentioned about how he was followed around by the number 7. (George A. Miller)

The making of Unlucky Numbers

There are many ways to express and experience the power of numbers.

The avoidance of numbers called "unlucky" or fated is one common experience. In this regard, number 13 is a classic example of a number which spells mystery, fear and an "evil connotation" (Rothenberg and Brenner).

The fear and avoidance of number 13 is recognized as a phobia called Triskaidekaphobia (Wikipedia). Scholars suggest that the dread of " 13" comes from various sources including history, religion, culture, cinema etc. (horror series). In the tarot deck, XIII is the card of death. 💀

In the field of mathematics, 13 is one of the prime numbers. Prime numbers have been designated as unusual and a cosmic mystery. On the one hand they are defined as chaotic and random, on the other as foundational and organized. (Evelyn Lamb)

Taking clue from the mystery of the prime numbers and the inter-disciplinary works on numbers, one can see how they are a mystery to both scientists and pseudo-scientists.

The Power of Numbers

ALL numbers, lucky or not, offer a world of mystery and possibilities. They are at the root of existence and the future yet to come. In the world of astrology and numerology, the harmful effects of numbers is sought to be neutralized by the use of "positive numbers" or just avoidance of the unlucky number.

In this regard, Jagjit Uppal poses the basic question-

if we have the knowledge of numerology and know that a certain number is negative for us, can can avoid its maleficence...💀 (Uppal on destiny and free will, in Cheiro's Numerology and Astrology).

💀Do numbers have magical powers?

💀s there a dark side of numbers?

💀Is the fate of some numbers sealed forever?



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