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The Many Shades of Jupiter and Saturn

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Saturn and Jupiter are the two planets associated with wisdom, maturity and dharma. Both planets have their unique status in astrology and are commonly associated with many qualities and styles.

Shades of Jupiter

The placement of Jupiter in the birth chart is very important.

"Jupiter" is called the" greatest benefic of all the planets". It represents good behavior, learning, blessings, opportunities, optimism, faith , compassion, virtuous deeds, truth and spirituality.

The "benefic nature" of Jupiter can be understood in the following ways-

🌸By its presence and aspects on challenging combinations in the birth chart, Jupiter can reduce the malefic or evil influences and conditions. (What can also be called "saving grace")

🌹 Jupiter brings opportunities, good thoughts, optimism and learning. Jupiter's influence makes one a thinker of sorts about life, its meaning and purpose. Jupiter makes an individual "more aware or conscious" of even the smallest of deeds done...

🌻While there maybe many ways and paths to attaining happiness and liberation, Jupiter makes one search for the right path or the path of truth...

The two signs zodiac ruled by Jupiter i.e. Saggitarius and Pisces are symbolic of truth, vision, will power, imagination, hope, faith, morality and philosophical interests.

Quote In Photo from Phaladeepika.

Shades of Saturn

The planet Saturn is known as the "planet of karma".

Classic texts describe him as being "cruel and with no pity". In other accounts he's referred to as the "terrifier".

The influence of Saturn on an individual has a lot to do with the placement and strength of Saturn in the birth chart. In general, one may consider five points on the influence of Saturn -

🗻 Saturn represents boundaries and human limitations....its influence at different phases of one's life may require a person to introspect on the same. (This includes feeling lack of confidence, social acceptance...)

🐍 Saturn's strong influence forms a "temperament or personality" type which is serious, introverted, melancholic, contemplative (this can also happen during periods of saturn or transits etc)

✋ Achievements and success which come after a long period of work/time including "long term success" can be associated with Saturn. (the other side of it is long term problems, repeated failures...)

🙏 Saturn is also a planet of liberation. Many spiritual yogas involving penance and austerities involve Saturn.

💍 Saturn "upayas/remedies"are popular and highly recommended during Saturn periods (Dashas and transits). Saturn is believed to be "forgiving" and "kind" ...when pleased...

Taking a leaf from the scholarly works on Saturn-




A prayer to Saturn and Jupiter.

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