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The 12 Houses in Astrology (8th House to 12th House)

What are the 12 Houses in astrology?

The 12 houses in the astrological chart represent the different areas of life. In other words, the 12 houses shed light on the whole range of activities pursued by individuals, whether material or spiritual.

In the previous post, houses from 1st house to 7th house were covered. (See The 12 Houses in Astrology, 8th House Blog,

Today's post will cover few of the many significations of rest of the houses i.e. from 8th house to 12th house.


The Eighth House

The house of intimacy, mergers, joint holdings, death and psychological states.

The 8th house is referred to as the most malefic house. It gets the title of being the "most malefic" because of its association with death, taboos, secrets, psychological trauma and fears. It can shed light on the "dark" areas of life.

The esoteric significations of 8th house include occultism, psychology, astrology, research, tantra, tantric traditions and magic.

The Ninth House

9th House is the house of dharma and religion. It is the house associated with higher education and long distance travel. The 9th house is a benefic house for it gives good luck and blessings from teachers and gurus. Many of the benefic yogas/combinations in astrology involve the 9th house.

While 8th house is the house of misfortunes , the 9th house is the house of fortunes.

When we look at the 3rd house- 9th house axis, it sheds light on the way an individual will navigate the information and knowledge matrix, how he/she will express the learnings, whether through writing, preaching, publishing, travelling etc.

The Tenth House

The house of career, work and reputation. Also the house of the "boss" or "authority".

The tenth house sheds light on intangible qualities like reputation at work, work ethics and professionalism. An analysis of the tenth house would involve a study of tenth house lord, the 10th house sign, planets in tenth house etc. When malefic planets transit or aspect 10th house, one would experience troubles in the areas the 10th house represents.

When we look at the 10th house and 4th house axis, it sheds light on the home and office dynamics. A study of the axis can explain how the native will deal with the two independent yet interrelated departments of life.

The Eleventh House

The 11th house is the house of associations, movements, friendships, organizations and social circle.

The house covers non-material dimensions including leadership, trust and belongingness. It is the house where one stands to gain or lose through associations and connections.

The Twelfth House

The house of seclusion, imprisonment, hidden enemies and loss. It is called a malefic house.

In esoteric terms, it is the house of liberation and release. Whatever comes to 12th house experiences release, renunciation and ending.

The house can also create imagination, fiction, abstract art and philosophy which will be an expression of the hidden energies of the 12th house. A look at the 6th house and 12th house axis can explain restraint, release, confinement, boundaries and loss.




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