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The 12 Houses in Astrology (1st to 7th house)

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

What are the 12 houses in astrology?

The 12 houses in the astrological chart represent the different areas of life. In other words, the 12 houses shed light on the whole range of activities pursued by individuals, whether material or spiritual.

A look at the houses

While studying the birth chart, a study of the houses is integral to making predictions or forming opinions about specific areas of a persons life.

The study of houses will inevitably involve a look at the combinations and relationships formed between different houses, the lords of houses, the zodiac signs, planets in houses and the nakshatras. (above chart is made in North Indian Style).

The upcoming series of posts will cover the importance of the 12 houses in astrology. There will be a discussion on the significations of each of the houses and how meanings can be derived from the study of houses.

On classifications of houses, the works of few astrologers will be discussed. Classifications of houses based on qualities or interrelated themes of houses e.g. benefic houses, money houses, spiritual houses etc.

The 12 Houses

(first house to seventh house)

The following are few of the many significations of seven houses in astrology i.e. 1st house to 7th house.

The first house

The house of self.

The house of the individual personality and the physical body.

The first house is also called the ascendant or lagna.

(For more details see First House in Astrology, 8th House Blog,

The second house

The house of resources and sense of identity.

The second house is also associated with speech/voice and food. Because of its association with resources, the 2nd house is referred to as one of the money houses in the birth chart. It is the house which supports the first house.

The Third house

The house represents communications, written or verbal. It is the house connected with the mental processes of the mind, involving learning, processing and rationalizing.

The house is also a house of initiatives and courage.

The Fourth House

The house represents home or the place of birth. It is also seen for comforts, emotional support and happiness. The more tangible associations with the house include vehicles, properties and real estate.

The Fifth House

5th house is associated with pleasures, fun activities, romance, and creativity. In terms of relationships, it is the house of children.

Other significations include spirituality and prayers.

It is referred to as a benefic house linked with past deeds.

The Sixth House

Sixth house is the house of day to day work and health.

It is one of the malefic houses, primarily for its association with litigation and conflict.

The house is also a growth house or the house that means "doing all that must be done".

The Seventh House

The 7th house is the house of "other people". Other people can be business or marriage partners. The axis of the 1st house and 7th house is studied to understand the dynamics of "me" and the "others". In astrology consultations regarding business partnerships or marriage, emphasis is generally given to the 7th house along with other important houses of the chart.


In the next post, will cover the other houses i.e. from 8th house to 12th house.

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