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Sub-fields of Astrology (Discussion Series)

The subject of astrology can be divided into different sub-fields based on which area of life one is looking at in the horoscope.

During the course of our group interactions in the last few weeks, much emphasis was placed on the following sub-fields-

1. Medical astrology

2. Mundane astrology

3. Predictive astrology

4. Karmic/past life astrology

5. Remedial astrology

Here is a gist of the discussions.

1. Medical Astrology

Vitality and health are two of the most important areas of discussion in astrology. To a great extent, even the enjoyment of many of the auspicious yogas/combinations is made conditional based on the overall health and vitality of an individual.

The importance of medical astrology can be understood from the fact that it is concerned with both the mind and the body of an individual i.e. physical and mental health.

During the course of the discussions, much emphasis was placed on the elements in astrology, understood also as the three dosha’s in terms of health and wellbeing–

Vata element causing vata dosha

- the air element

(e.g. of planets making the dosha- Saturn, Mercury)

Pitta element causing the pitta dosha

- the fire element, the burning element

(e.g. Sun, Mars)

Kapha element causing the kapha dosha

- the water element

(e.g. Moon and Venus)

The balance or imbalance of the elements in the horoscope influences the body and the psychological functioning of a person.

2. Mundane Astrology

Mundane astrology is the sub-field of astrology which deals with world, national, and social events. In other words, mundane astrology is non-personal astrology.

The sub-field involves the study of birth charts of political leaders and birth charts of nations. In relationships, the relations between neighboring states is also studied to understand trade, movement, war like situations or friendships.

In addition, planets, signs and houses have their unique significations in mundane astrology. For instance, Saturn represents traditional institutions, Moon the crowds or masses. Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions are labelled as markers for transformation. In the book THE ANNOTATED RAPHAEL ’S MUNDANE ASTROLOGY, Anthony Louis provides a detailed explanation of the use of horoscopes to predict national and international events.

3. Predictive Astrology

Predictive astrology for many is the heart of astrology, wherein an astrologer can make predictions based on the horoscope of an individual.

On the topic of predictions, the following points were discussed in terms of their use and importance:

1. dasha (planetary dasha)

2. transit of planets

3. the age of planets

4. the solar and lunar eclipses

5. the planetary returns (Saturn, Jupiter etc.) and

6. yearly progressions

4. Karmic Astrology

Karmic astrology is based on the concept of karma and re-incarnation

In the group discussions, focus was on the planets Rahu and Ketu, also designated as Karmic planets. In terms of description Rahu represents the future and Ketu represents the past.

Rahu and Ketu can be seen as operating at a sub-conscious level as unseen energies, which manifest in the form of sudden, unplanned or unexplainable events.

In terms of understanding the influence of Rahu and Ketu in general or at a specific time, the following points are important-

  1. The ruler of the houses in which they are placed (karmic control planets)

  2. The dasha of Rahu and Ketu

  3. The close conjunction of Rahu and Ketu to other planets or sensitive points in the horoscope.

  4. The return of Rahu and Ketu to natal position in the horoscope

5. Remedial Astrology

Remedial astrology is an important sub-field of astrology.

A remedy can be defined as a "solution" or a "practical measure" to achieve a particular goal. A remedy can also be seen as a tool to un-do the negative or adverse energies surrounding an individual.

In astrology, a remedy/upaya is sought either to "minimize the negative conditions" or challenges in the birth chart or to "enhance the positive conditions", or both. Example, prescribing a remedy for pitta dosha or kapha dosha.

When it comes to a remedy for a birth chart, there are many options before the astrologer. End of the day, the remedy which is prescribed would depend on the approach of the astrologer (example she/he may prescribe mantras, gemstones, herbs, foods, charitable acts, religious acts, austerity measures etc. ). 💎

For more on remedial astrology, see Remedies-the functional side of astrology


Under each of the sub-fields of astrology, different techniques and rules are carefully applied by astrologers. At the same time, all the sub-fields are governed by the core principles of astrology regarding planets, signs, houses, transits, and planetary time periods.


Thank-you for reading.

Note: The discussion group consists of astrologers and persons interested in astrology.


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