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Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction: Time to face the Alligators in 2021

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Looks like it is Capricorn season. A conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter happening in sign of Capricorn in December, 2020.

The conjunction means it is time for long term change.

Saturn and Jupiter are the biggies in the solar system. The former stands for karma and resilience, the latter for wisdom and expansion. The effect of this conjunction will certainly bring set backs on the road to prosperity and growth. The biggies want commitment and work before the rewards. Saturn particularly wants sacrifice and unconditional commitment to work.

Look out for where the sign of Capricorn falls in your birth chart.


Why is this conjunction a big deal?

Saturn is the ruler of the sign of Capricorn. And Jupiter is debilitated in the sign of Capricorn.

For sometime , Jupiter themes will experience set backs. Watch out for struggles within education systems, breaks in education, setbacks with foreign or long distance travel etc. It is time to see the Saturn themes. Savings, struggle and work.

We enter 2021 with two conflicts in hand- home versus work and survival versus growth. We wait till Jupiter overcomes its discomfort in the sign of Capricorn. Watch out for the birth of new spiritual battles. Watch out for new leadership which will speak of earthly realities like disappointments and suffering. Old themes of liberation, moksha and the heavenly realms are passé.

The crocodile stories

The zodiac sign of Capricorn is also called Makara. Makara or the alligators/crocodiles live in rivers and lakes. They are also called the biggest reptiles with good night vision and home instincts. (See 20 Amazing Crocodile Facts,

Interestingly, since Jupiter started moving closer to the sign of Capricorn, crocodile stories have been catching my attention.

One news headline read, Baby Marsh Crocodile rescued from a Well in Mumbai


Another one, Family in Kerala finds Crocodile Lounging in their Verandah. Locals also reported of spotting crocodiles on the main roads in the evenings.


The most fascinating, when Babiya visited Vishnu temple in Kerala.

Babiya was reported to be "vegetarian", "divine crocodile", "gentle creature", "temple guardian". Babiya was found to be near the Namaskara Mandapam of the temple.


Also see, Gigantic alligator spotted roaming Florida golf. The story was a sensation on social media accounts like twitter. (course

The near encounter with the otherwise recluse creature can be seen as a rare, bizarre and mysterious experience. Looks like it is Capricorn season after all. Or just a coincidence...

2021 Themes

Many planets including Saturn and Jupiter will be transiting the sign of Capricorn up to February-March of 2021. These transits will make everybody, more or less, take the high road. Look out for sudden situations and hidden enemies.


Walk, walk, walk

Face the demons

Contribute and align to earth and water elements

Provide jobs and work to others

Free others from debt

Keep home clean


Are you ready to face your own alligators?

Which battles are you fighting, new or old ?

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