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Saturn- Jupiter Conjunction of 2020, on popular demand

Today we have a big celestial event- the Saturn- Jupiter Conjunction. A conjunction happens when two or more planets come together in close proximity to each other. Today Saturn and Jupiter are at exact same degree in the sign of Capricorn.

It is truly a world phenomena. Scientists, astrologers, astrology lovers...everybody is talking about it. Not to miss the Google doodle for the day-

Second post

This is the second post on the conjunction, in response to requests by 8th house followers. Let me begin by taking a quote from the previous post on the Saturn- Jupiter conjunction.

We enter 2021 with two conflicts in hand- home versus work and survival versus growth. We wait till Jupiter overcomes its discomfort in the sign of Capricorn. Watch out for the birth of new spiritual battles. Watch out for new leadership which will speak of earthly realities like disappointments and suffering. Old themes of liberation, moksha and the heavenly realms are passé.

Here are some more unique points about the conjunction.

One Conjunction - Unique Themes

1. Epic battles

2. Long term goals

3. Personal is social and social is personal

What to do

1. Time to think long term.

2. Time to reconcile and end old issues and battles.

3. Promote ideologies which are for the benefit of all.

Nakshatra of conjunction

The conjunction is happening in the nakshatra of Uttarashada- which means later victory.

Many would agree on how old investments are helping them navigate these tough times.


The elephant's tusk. Meaning- beauty, dominance, battle, resilience, purity, strength.

What to expect

1. Watch out for rebels without a cause.

2. In the political arena, watch out for the country/countries aspiring to dominate the world with the vaccine for corona virus.

3. Time to witness new forms of domination at all levels. Domination by sheer numbers or muscle power.

4. Watch out for new age writers and teachers.

Astro tip


Re-visit the story of Lord Ganesha breaking his tusk to write the Mahabharata.


If possible, check out the conjunction in the sky.

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