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Sagittarius and Aquarius: Exploring the symbols


The symbol of Sagittarius ♐ is the "arrow". The arrow stands for focus, will power, higher pursuits/goals, and preparedness for battles.

In Sagittarius, the pursuit or goal is not just any ordinary goal. The goal marks the beginning of a journey which goes on to shape the belief system and perceptions of the individual...

🔥 In the beginning, the goal may appear beyond the reach or capacity of the individual i.e. expansive, higher or far. (Sign of Visionaries)

🔥 The journey will involve an exploration of ideas, beliefs, philosophies , cultures...

🔥 In astrological texts Sagittarius sign represents "battle fields"...implying that losing the goal/aim or not achieving it may feel like a great loss or fall...

♐ Sagittarius is ruled by the benevolent Jupiter... i.e. faith, hope, righteousness, acceptance and will power form an integral part of the Sagittarius journey.

Planets placed in the sign of Saggitarius in the birth chart will embody the nature of the zodiac sign and give results accordingly.


The sign of Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. Aquarius represents collective movements, humanitarian ideals and pursuits.

The key question in Aquarius is - What can I offer for the betterment of the world? And one may look at the symbol of Aquarius i.e. the water bearer for some insights-

💦 The Bearer

Each individual has the power/capacity/resources which can be "shared with others and for others"...

💦 The Water

Aquarius energy is about offering what "one has" or "is gifted with" and is of "great value" to the world/others including ideas, art, knowledge, prayers, basic goods, kindness, good behavior...

💦 Out in the World

Aquarius being an air sign, the action one takes adds vitality and positivism to the groups and movements that one is part of...

💧Greater Good

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. The catch word here is GREATER GOOD, also unconventional approaches to bringing reform and upliftment.

Planets placed in the sign of Aquarius in the birth chart will embody the nature of the zodiac sign and give results accordingly.

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