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Ruling Planets: Mercury and Moon (Gemini and Cancer Ascendant)

This post, gives a brief description of the ruling planets for the horoscopes with Gemini and Cancer signs in the first house i.e. ascendant.

Previously, I had covered the ruling planets for the horoscopes with Aries and Taurus signs in the first house- Ruling Planets: Mars and Venus (Aries- Taurus Ascendant)


The planet Mercury is the ruling planet for horoscopes with Gemini in first house i.e. Gemini ascendant.

Mercury represents the mental processes including thinking, application of skill and analysis. The planet is popularly also called the "trickster" and the "messenger".

Honoring and embracing the power/qualities of the Mercury can be most beneficial for individuals with Gemini in first house.

For "self", one can invest in -

- learning new skills and subjects of interest

- enhancing skills, whether related to profession or not.

For "others", one can-

- encourage conversations and interactions in forums

- share information and research with others through different mediums

- promote activities which support diversity and inclusion



Moon is the ruling planet for charts with the sign Cancer in the first house i.e. Cancer ascendant.

The planet moon represents our inner most self. The planet moon influences the way we relate and connect with our inner self and others. It basically determines how we feel about everything.🌛

Honoring and embracing the attributes of the moon can be most beneficial for persons with cancer sign in the first house.

🌟For "self", one can-

- Invest in self care including emotional care.

- Overcome habits which restrict and inhibit the free flow of emotional expression. (Fourth house energy- habits and attachments)

- Feel free to transform and change, much like the cycles of the moon 🌚🌒🌙

🌟For "others" one can-

- Express sympathy and care in moments of need.

- Whenever possible, provide comfort, water to those who need it.

- Express positive emotions when with others.


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