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Ruling Planets: Mars and Venus (Aries- Taurus Ascendant)


The planet Mars is the ruling planet for charts with Aries sign in first house. โ™ˆ

Mars is the underlying force and energy behind all mental and physical pursuits we undertake for survival and growth. Its the "cosmic fire" and "life force"๐Ÿ”ฅ

Honoring and embracing the power/qualities of planet Mars can be most beneficial to individuals with Aries ascendant i.e. Aries in first house. It's the planet ruling "the body and being" in the physical world.

For the "self" one can -

- Honor the Martian energy within and mindfully channelize it.

- Committ to good mental and physical health. (Mars being ruler of first house of self. It gets exalted in 10th house of commitment and work).

Other details would come from seeing the placement of Mars and several other factors.

For "others" one can-

- Stand up for them when in need and share the gifts of courage and motivation.

- Assist others in overcoming challenges (mars also ruler of scorpio in 8th house) โญ•



The planet Venus is the ruling planet for charts with Taurus in the first house.

Venus represents and brings "value , beauty, balance and creativity" to life.

Honoring and embracing the power and qualities of the planet Venus can be most beneficial to persons with Taurus in first house i.e. Taurus ascendant.

For the "self" one can-

- Make value additions to personal life and surroundings.

- Take out time for self love and appreciation.

- Value what you own and possess, material and non-material.

For "others"-

- Offer the gift of appreciation through words or actions.

- Acknowledge the creative works /endeavours in monetary and other ways.

- Relate in harmonious ways.


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