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"Purpose of Life" and Astrology

What is the purpose of life?

People often pose philosophical questions to astrologers. One commonly asked question is "what is the purpose of my life"?

For many, the question is overrated, to others it is very serious and important. Occasionally, the question becomes an "important question" when one is feeling lost or disconnected from the everyday experiences of life. The question leads one to search for answers.

Astrology and Purpose of Life: On-going research

The subject of astrology can shed some light on the "purpose of life".

On the topic "purpose of life and astrology", this post covers the initial findings and generalizations made from a small research project. A total of total 20 charts were analyzed for the research. Few have been discussed here.

The project is an enquiry into what are the best indicators in the chart for revealing "purpose of life". The project is being pursued in stages. In the current stage i.e. first stage, focus is on the first house and the first house lord. (for previous posts on first house -;

The following are few generalizations from the study.


First, the "purpose of life" need not necessarily be about the profession or day to day activities of the native.

Profession related questions are often like - What work should I do? Should I do a business or job? Should I quit work? Should I work from home?

When the respondents of the study were asked about the "purpose of life", most made no reference to profession or their day to day activities. Responses came in the form aspirations and future plans. (the one's that did mention profession, have a strong connection between first house and tenth house of profession- stage 2 of study).


The response of native born in 1991 was- I want to preach people. Later in life, I want to be a motivational speaker.

The native has an exalted Jupiter conjunct his ascendant, with Ketu also placed in ascendant. Jupiter in astrology symbolizes teaching, preaching and morality.


Second, purpose of life can be a "way of life" or a "way of being" e.g. minimalism.

Few of the responses to the question came in the form of personality driven aspirations. E.g. to evolve and become more humane, patient or service oriented.

A native born in 1983 stated- I want an unconventional life.

In the chart of this native, first house lord is conjunct exalted Venus in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is a sign seeking upward movement and the freedom from being contained. The lord of Pisces zodiac i.e. Jupiter is placed in the first house of the chart. Also to mention that the native was running double Rahu period when the response to the question was recorded. Rahu is referred to as the "unconventional" one.

In the context of this chart, another observation is that an individual's perception of his or her purpose of life may also be influenced by the dasha running (like in the above case of Rahu dasha).


Third, "what is purpose of life" is a question posed by persons of all ages.

The research study also includes persons leading a retired life. In the case of native born in 1954, the "purpose of life" is;

I want to find my real self.

The native is Virgo Ascendant with the ascendant lord Mercury being combust and retrograde. This unique characteristic of the first house lord can be seen manifesting in the perception and search of the native.

Findings : First House and Purpose of Life

The most important observation in the research was regarding the first house and first house lord.

The first house, planets in first house, placement of first house lord are important indicators. It can also be said that individuals gravitate time and again (even subconsciously) towards the themes of the first house.

In the case of native born in 1988, purpose of life is to write and help people through counselling. In the chart of this native, the first house lord Mercury (the planet of communication) is placed in the 8th House of psychology.

A Philosophical Search

While astrology is a great guide on the subject, one can still argue that the search for "purpose of life" is only a philosophical one. It might just be a life long "search".

Also, the purpose of life maybe something greater than what an individual perceives it to be. As explained by one of the blog subscribers;

Purpose could be what we're here for,

apart from what we think we need to do or want to do...


The search will continue...

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