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Pisces and the Churning of the Oceans

The oceans are sacred.

The oceans are full of wisdom.

We have a deep spiritual bond with the oceans.

For many, a discussion on the sacredness of the oceans would remind them of the ancient saga of Samudra Manthana i.e. the churning of the cosmic ocean of milk.

Samudra manthana is referred to as the best known episodes in Hindu mythology... (Wikipedia)

This ancient saga is remembered particularly for three reasons-

First, the nectar of immortality, for which the gods and demons searched the ocean. Second, the emergence of treasures and boons from deep within the heart of the ocean. The biggest treasure being the nectar of immortality i.e. amrit.

Third, the collaborative participation between the gods and the demons to attain the nectar of immortality.

In the story, the cosmic ocean is depicted as an abundant and mysterious source of treasures.

(The manthana is also linked to the story of Rahu and Ketu)

The Realm of Pisces

In astrology, amongst the 12 zodiac signs, the oceans are said to be the abode of the zodiac sign of Pisces. (Jataka Parijata)

The sign of Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign which falls in the 12th house of the kalpurush kundli. The 12th house is the house of the unconscious and hidden realms. Matters of spirituality, liberation and other worldly powers are all linked to the 12th zodiac sign and house.

Pisces is symbolized by two fishes in a state of movement towards materialism and spirituality. The sign of Pisces has the power to create worldly treasures with the use of the sacred knowledge of the higher realms.

The oceans, are a physical representation of the sign of Pisces. Just like the sign of Pisces, oceans contain hidden knowledge and other riches.

Ocean Consciousness

As of today, we are witnessing a rapidly growing "ocean consciousness" in the world.

It has come to the realization of many people that the oceans hold the answers to many of the problems we are facing including climate change and atmospheric disturbances.

People are motivated more than ever to protect the sacredness of the oceans, including the life forms that they are home to.

Decade of the Oceans

The years from 2021-2030 have been designated as the decade of the "oceans". Experts from around the world are aiming to explore and study the oceans in order to find many answers to the world's problems.

A quote from the Ocean Decade Exhibition, an international initiative;

The goal is...transforming the image of the ocean to raise awareness about its importance and inspire action through creativity

In the esoteric sense, this growing ocean consciousness indicates that a great churning within the unconscious parts of our collective existence is already in motion (Pisces and 12th house of the collective/humanity). There is a gradual awakening and a strong urge to recognize and appreciate the worth of all living forms in nature including the oceans.

It looks like the oceans are churning...once again.

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