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Our Relationship with the Planets (Part 2)- The Personality of Planets

In the previous post on Astrology and Our Relationship with the Planets we briefly discussed the role and status of planets in astrology.

In this post, we look at how the personality of planets is seen as playing an important role in the life journey of human beings.

As mentioned previously, there are many ways in which one can explore the relationship of human beings with the planets. In this post, this relationship is being explored through the lens of the nature and temperament of planets i.e. the personality of planets. The planets, based on their personality, relay or convey messages, opportunities and gifts to human beings on earth.


the universal personality &

the horoscope specific personality

To begin with, each planet can be said to have two personality traits- a "core trait" and a "unique trait".

The core trait can be called the universal personality of a planet, and the unique trait the horoscope specific personality.

Further, the core trait of any planet remains constant and is like a universal symbol representing that planet. On the other hand, the unique trait or the horoscope specific personality is formed by the combination of many factors in the horoscope.

The unique trait is the more flexible personality, which may have many shades and dispositions depending on the horoscope.


SATURN - If the core trait of Saturn is hard work, in the horoscope this Saturn can be unhappy with hard work or unable to do hard-work, which may ultimately cause mental stress for Saturn.

RAHU- If Rahu's core trait is manipulation, in the horoscope it could be a manipulator in the matters of finance.

SUN- If the personality of the Sun is that of a leader, in a specific horoscope this Sun could be the leader of a cult.

The interplay of the core and unique traits of the planets in the horoscope will reflect on their exclusive relationship with each and every person.

The above classification of the universal and horoscope specific personality of planets resonates with the classical astrological text of BPHS (Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra). In the BPHS, it is provided that the general traits of the planets will be experienced by a person based on the placement of the planet in their horoscope.

Under the chapter on "effects of planets", the BPHS provides-

there are two kinds of effects of dashas (planetary time periods)- general and distinctive. The natural characteristics of the planets cause the general effects and the distinctive effects are realized by their placements etc. (Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, translation by G.S. Kapoor, ed. 2021).


In any horoscope, the overall placement of the planets would decide as to what extent and in what manner the core trait or universal personality of planets is coming alive for an individual.

Although it is not easy to come to any conclusions on what can be called the "core traits" of all planets, I am taking the liberty to give two words to describe each of them. These two words represent a status/position, and a virtue, principle or value.


Core Features

Sun - the leader, enabler

Moon- the caretaker, pacifier

Jupiter- the teacher, knowledge

Mars- the administrator, courage

Venus- the supporter, appreciation`

Saturn- the worker, responsibility

Mercury- the communicator, liveliness

Rahu- the diplomat, innovative

Ketu- the healer, liberation

Pluto- the destroyer, will power

Neptune- the dreamer, creativity

Uranus- the reformer, progressive

The above descriptions are certainly not rigid and can be further qualified. One may also look at the status of planets as has been provided in the classical texts. BPHS for instance gives them the following status-

Sun and Moon- royal status

Mars- army chief

Mercury- prince

Jupiter and Venus- Ministerial

Saturn- servant

Rahu and Ketu- army

(Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, translation by G.S. Kapoor, ed. 2021).


Every person is unique. And so is the case with every horoscope.

In the case of each horoscope, the core traits of the planets, as mentioned above, will manifest in unique ways. Here, the time of one's birth and the position of the planets in the sky becomes the basis to decipher the first set of messages being sent by the planets.

In other words, the placements of the planets at the time of birth can be be seen as shaping the overall life pattern and learning experiences of the person concerned.


One of the many ways to understand the temperament or unique traits of planets in a horoscope is through the "happiness" criteria.

The "happiness" criteria determines the level of comfort, ease and support the planets are getting in the horoscope. For instance, the happiness criteria is seen on the basis of the zodiac sign in which the planet is placed.

Example, a planet in the sign of a friend is understood to be happy and generous in its approach.

The classical text Jataka Parijata says- planets in own zodiac sign or sign of a planetary friend...etc., will provide auspicious results and will have predominant strength of position. On the other hand, the planets in the state of depression will not give auspicious results to the person. (Jataka Parijata, Vol. I translation by V. Subramanya Sastri, ED. 2020)

One of the best examples that comes to mind here is that of a well placed moon in the horoscope. A quote from Jataka Parijata will explain this-

a full moon in its own house, exaltation or friend's house and not afflicted by malefic influences can "destroy distress, however difficult it may be to tide over..." (Jataka Parijata, translation by V. Subramanya Sastri).

In other words, planets that are well supported will provide support to the individual in the areas directly under their control.


Despite being unique for each horoscope, all planets have few common functions.

During their time periods and on other occasions, all planets bring their "own set of ways, conditions and values" to the individual. (what can be called the horoscope specific messages). The planets can be seen directly contributing to the overall development of the human being on earth. And there is never a time when the planets are not in action.

In addition to finding the messages from planets in the horoscope, a lot about them gets revealed during astrological consultations. People often express how they can relate with the planets and see their influence on them at the physical, psychological, societal and soul levels.


To continue...Our Relationship with the Planets


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