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Ketu in 2020-2022: The Sting of the Scorpion (Part 1)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

The world is heavily under the influence of Ketu. In September of 2020 Ketu entered the sign of Scorpio brining in unique and bizarre experiences for individuals and the world.

In Part 1 of Ketu in 2020-2022 we take a quick look at Lord Ketu in the sign of Scorpio and the themes/events that will reign.

About Ketu

Ketu is the tail of the serpent (being the other half of Rahu which is the head of the serpent). In an astrological chart, Ketu represents the past or what is of the past. People dominated by the energies of Ketu have deep interest in the past including past lives, ancient literature, old civilizations etc. Ketu's counterpart Rahu on the other hand represents the subconscious desires or aspirations seeking fulfillment in the present life.

Ketu's placement in the chart is very important in terms of the aspects, rulership and conjunctions. Ketu, out of all the planets is the most difficult to decipher. In many of the works, it has been associated with spirituality and ascetism, and in others with cruelty and mass killings. Ketu is like the mystery behind the mystery, bizarre and unrecognizable. Prash Trivedi in his book writes of the various significations of Ketu as provided in ancient texts;

the fierce, the terrible, the apalling, the serpent, the tail...half bodied, smoky bodied, with death inflicting looks. Further, it does not have great interest in social decorum and can make a person aggressive, rude and without tolerance. (See Prash Trivedi, The Rahu Ketu Experience, 2016).

The various symbols of Ketu as seen from different sources like texts and paintings include snake, arrow, flag, amulet, vulture, ghost, astral figures, infrared light, knife etc. Ketu's energy infuses detachment as opposed to attachment and has the power to cut ties and relationships when he so desires for an individual.

Dr. Arjun Pai (Vedic Astrologer) also associates Ketu with flags. Just as the flag is hoisted to signal victory or ownership, Ketu can grant summits of power in both the material and non-material world. Prash Trivedi associates Ketu with a banner or sign. Also with comets and asteroids which were used as signs.

Das Goravani in his book on Karakas associates the following with Ketu; (See Das Goravani, Karakas, 2014)

Assassinations , Ascetics, Astrology,

Psychotic imbalance , Cataclysm, Cats, Psyche

Catalytic agent, Charms, Cheating

Contact with evolved souls

Clairvoyance, Cruelty

Detachment from materialism

Deep thinking and mysteries

Demons and possession

Other worldly, Past sins

Dwajah, Final emblem

Fire accidents, Paranormal sense

Poison in the tail, occultists

Natures Mysteries and Secrets

Wanderer, Witchcraft

Interestingly, the Ketu ruled nakshatras in astrology are also mysterious and have deep association with roots and the past. The three nakshatras of Ashwini, Magha and Mula are referred to as Ketu ruled nakshatras. Aswini the first nakshatra is symbolized by the Aswin Kumars who were the healers of the Gods (the royal practice of Ashvamedha also comes up for discussion here), Magha nakshatra symbolized by the ancestors or pitris, and Mula by the roots (the values and deeds that bind).

Ketu in Scorpio (2020-2022)

The transit of Ketu in Scorpio is clearly an explosive scenario owing to the combined energies of the Scorpio sign and Ketu. The sign of Scorpio which falls in the original 8th house of the astrological chart is ruled by Mars. It gets associated with the process of death and decay. The ugly or incorrigible side of life which is uncomfortable, slow and painful before its final release or regeneration.

Charles and Suzy define Scorpio as the sign of the more primitive emotions of human nature. Just like a Scorpion which represents the sign, the sign of Scorpio gets associated with intense and dangerous experiences along with immense will power and combative strength to survive them. (See Charles and Suzi Harvey, Principles of Astrology, 1999). In the astrological chart, planets placed in the sign of Scorpio will express themselves in awareness of and in response to the the darker forces of life and human emotions.

The planet Moon gets debilitated (frustrated or obstructed) in Scorpio because of its association with decay and fears. In Trivedi's (The Rahu Ketu Experience) analysis Ketu creates fear, suspicion, superstition, sadism, amorality and other undesirable traits. Being the ruler of tragedy, it takes one to the depth of despair through unfortunate events. For the same reasons it can be said that mental health will be a popular theme during Ketu's transit in Scorpio.

Themes of 2020-2022

Lord Ketu's transit through the sign of Scorpio will influence both collective and individual consciousness. A few of the themes that are likely to dominate during the transit of Ketu;

The Mind and Mental Health

Key words: depression, cyber or electronic torture, mindlessness, fears and phobias

Power Dynamics

Key words: space wars, political manipulation, psychological warfare, economic wars

Fall from Grace

Key words: Corruption Scandals, shameful exits, moral turpitude

Space Research and Discoveries

Key words: Blackholes, Life on Mars, Rogue Planets, Asteroids

War and millitary expansion

Key words: New millitary equipment,

Combat and Strategy, Surveillance

Occult and Mysticism

Key words: Ancient rituals, tantra,

dead bodies, fierce deities

In the coming posts, we will dive deeper into the above themes.

Are you afraid of the dark?

Do you dream of your ancestors?

What will we discover about the human mind ?

Where is Ketu transiting in your chart?

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