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Introduction to Astrology (Group Discussion Series)

It is always a good time to learn astrology.

It is always a good time to discuss astrology.

On the day of Guru Purnima, the idea of forming a "discussion group" on astrology was finalized. And today i.e. 31st July, 2021 we had the first round of discussions.

In the two hour session, the group explored and discussed the following themes/topics in astrology;

1. Astrology in our daily lives. (from daily remedies, to horoscope making, to auspicious timings etc.)

2. The Three Essentials

The three essentials in astrology and their importance- time of birth, place of birth, date of birth.

3. The Mysteries of Life

Astrology and the decoding of the mysteries of life was discussed in light of example charts/horoscopes.

4. Esoteric and Exoteric Astrology

The two aspects of astrology i.e. exoteric and esoteric astrology were discussed in the context of mind-body-soul and birth chart-navamsa chart D1/D9.

5. Definitions

The group discussed selected definitions from different astrologers/scholars.

6. The Uses of Astrology

In the current session, the focus was on self awareness, purpose of life, understanding the phases/cycles of life, understanding relationships, getting a glimpse of past-present-future, understanding fears and limitations.

7. Astrology based activities

This included a reference to research, teaching and consultation.

8. The tough questions

This was the most interactive part of the session. All members of the group shared their views on some complex/tough questions as follows-

- Not all predictions come true. Why?

- Destiny cannot be changed. Is it true?

- Society and culture also influence an individual’s life. How to understand this?

Final Points

The discussion ended on a positive note, with all members sharing about their experiences in terms of astrology.

There were some more interesting questions at the end of the session. There was one on how tarot and astrology are connected, what does astrology say about destiny and free will, and whether the belief system of any astrologer has any bearing on the predictions/advise.

A great session.

Thanks to the stars.


Thank-you for reading.

Highlights of the next session coming soon.

The discussion group consists of astrologers and persons interested in astrology.


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