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Influential planet/s in the chart

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

When planets are placed in certain zodiac signs, they do well. Sign placements is one of the many indicators to determine whether planets are well placed in the chart. (look up exaltation and debilitation of planets, friendship & enmity between planets). While basic rules are simple on the subject, there are many unexplored aspects.

Lets take two examples.

Saturn does well in the sign of Libra (sign of exaltation). The ruler of Libra is Venus. Saturn and Venus are considered good friends.

Mars does well in Capricorn (sign of exaltation). Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Mars and Saturn are considered enemies. Adding further, Jupiter is not considered happy in Capricorn (sign of debilitation). But Jupiter and Saturn are not enemies.

The above indicators although key to the understanding of planets in the chart, they are not necessarily conclusive indicators.

Let us consider other ways to understand power and influence of planets.

  1. Influence based on conjunction with ascendant/lagna. If a particular is close to the ascendant degree in the first house, its influence on the chart can not be overlooked. e.g. ascendant degree is 8 degrees and mars is 10 degrees. Mars in this case is potentially an influential planet for the chart.

  2. Influence based on conjunction with moon. Moon in astrology is symbolic of the mind, mother, 4th house of comfort and happiness. Moon being a receptive planet, its proximity or close relationship with another planet automatically makes that planet significant.

  3. Influence based on conjunction with Sun. Sun in astrology is symbolic of self identity, ego, boss, authority, father, and lineage. Sun is the planet that can make another planet combust/burnt because of its powerful rays and heat. Close proximity of any planet close to the Sun can not be overlooked. Combust planets can also reveal a lot about which areas are burnt by the excessive heat of the Sun. (lets say a person spends his entire life serving one boss without being able to rise and becoming a boss himself. Could it have to do with the Sun?) While the planet close to Sun maybe inhibited, it still reflects says a lot about the chart.

  4. Influence based on total number of aspects. The planet giving out the maximum aspects to other planets is clearly influential.

  5. Influence based on total number of receiving aspects. The planet receiving most aspects from other planets can be reveal a lot about the experiences it may bring to the native in his or her life.

  6. Influence based on ownership. The planet that owns (dispositor) the house/s in which maximum number of planets are placed is like a big landlord deciding the terms of the lease. Would definitely be an influential planet.

  7. Influence based on nakshatra placement. The planet placed in a nakshatra which is dominating in the chart assumes great importance. For instance, three planets are placed in the Swati nakshatra. If there is a fourth planet also in the same nakshatra, the planet is automatically part of a group of influential planets.

  8. Considering the above, it is possible that a planet appearing to be ordinary may potentially be in control of the stage (for good or bad) from behind the curtains.

Aren't you curious to know which is your most influential planet?

More on planetary strength and influence coming soon.

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