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Following the dark light: Rahu in 2020

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

In the year 2020, Rahu makes a transit to the sign of Taurus in September. Rahu's influence in 2020 has already been massive. Often associated with electronics and technology, Rahu shifted the world's attention to online technology, gadgets, and growing online or cyber crimes. Not to ignore concerns over alcoholism and mental health.

Rahu is often associated with the subconscious mind making it often difficult to decipher and predict. It is said that Rahu's placement in the chart can throw light on one's hidden inclinations. On a general reading of the astrology chart, the placement of Rahu including house, sign, nakshatra & conjunctions can give some hints about a person's personal Rahu.

When I think of Rahu I have in mind a non-human entity with an insatiable wanting or craving for something. The interesting part being that the entity lives inside the mind. The mythological story of Rahu and Ketu also reveals a lot about the nature of Rahu (look up story on samundar manthan and distribution of nectar by Vishnu only to the Gods). More than often, Rahu's ability to be deceitful, fraudulent, obsessive is highlighted. It is true that Rahu being only the head (Ketu the tail) can lead to behavioral patterns that can not be explained (or digested because it lacks the lower part of the body).

Subject to exact placement of Rahu in the chart, its transit to Taurus can lead to the following (Taurus a fixed sign ruled by Venus) ;

  1. An interest in acquiring fixed assets. Here one may look at options like real estate, bonds, intellectual property etc. (e.g. If Rahu or Venus associated with fourth house, one may also renovate and create new office space). Anything to give a feeling of permanence and ownership. People will often find themselves discussing family resources, liquidity, fixed assets etc.

  2. Food can be of particular interest. There is already a massive increase in number of cooking channels creating new content each day. At the same time, food related health concerns may occur.

  3. Speech will be of special interest. Many countries including India are finding ways to regulate hateful speech. There are several movements to further advance freedom of speech and expression. On a personal level, people may search for ways to express.

  4. Groups based on memberships can rise. Even with social distancing becoming the norm Rahu will keep people hooked through networking. The field of networking, content sharing and development will witness an increase like never before.

Lets look at some of the ways one may navigate the impulses of Rahu;

  1. There are many self help theories that talk of feeding the subconscious mind. It is true for the case of Rahu in 2020. Excessive reliance on the virtual world of existence may lead to harmful consequences. People will be in search of new ways of resistance (e.g. people exiting social media accounts). Its not a bad idea to voluntarily not consume uncontrolled information and opinions.

  2. Rahu in Taurus can be highly creative. Channelizing the energy or ideas released by Rahu to productive ventures will reap benefits. If possible, developing new hobbies or interests is an excellent idea.

  3. Pacifying the excessive energy of Rahu through various practices including mantra jap or worship. (Rahu is said to be tamed by the blessings of Goddess Durga)

  4. One of the biggest concerns will be the inability to express physical and mental energy being released by the planets. It may also lead to anger, self harm, conflicts, resistance and other problems. People of all age groups will need to find outlets for release.

All in all, Rahu's influence in 2020 will make it difficult to separate lies from truth, and freedom from slavery. While it may keep appearing that the end of the tunnel is near, it may not be so. That's the inescapable charm of Rahu.

Will write about influence of Ketu soon.

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