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First House in Astrology

Where does life begin?

Life begins from the first house. The first house is the house of the self. Self is the identity of the person in the material world.

The first house gives a description of the self, which includes the physical body, the personality and the aspirations of an individual. The transition and evolution of the self/personality is also seen through the first house. Charles and Suzy define the self as self awareness, self image, self activity, perceiving the world from a unique subjective stand-point. (Principles of Astrology, 1999).

A fortunate person means a strong first house

An individual with a strong first house can be called a fortunate person. With a strong first house he/ she is born with the capacity to withstand and navigate the troubles of life. He/ she may even have the strength to uplift others from misery and pain. Such natives are truly what can be called powerful in the game of life. Prof. Krishnamurti writes, one should guess from the first house whether one has the determination and courage to push forward and forge ahead. (Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti, Fundamental Principles of Astrology, 1992)

Interestingly, all of the beneficial or raj yoga's are said to fructify and give results when the first house and first lord are supporting the same results.

The 12 Houses

As one moves from the first house forward, the rest of the 11 houses (2nd house to 12th house) represent an integral part of the native's life including family, speech, friends, health, education, work....The first house activates and initiates the other interactions and engagements of life. Prof. Krishnamurti also writes of the first house being an important factor in terms of health of a native.

Why look at first house?

First house is a repository of information about the native. One may look at the first house zodiac sign. One's personal interests and approach to life are defined by this rising sign. (Charles and Suzy Harvey, Principles of Astrology)

The zodiac sign in the first house will define the personality of the native. (See earlier posts on Zodiac signs, you are Aries ascendant, see

If Taurus ascendant, see

One may also study the planets that occupy the first house. The planets in first house can express themselves in the behavior of the native. Also the style of expression, the way one reacts and responds.

Transits of planets also have visible effects. Few years back, I had Uranus transiting my first house. I made drastic changes in my life. A lot was suddenly transformed including choice of food and personal belief system. The effects of the first house transits of planets are powerful. A person known to me had her Saturn transit the first house. She complained of constant head and shoulder pain. Also a constant feeling of being tied up or tied down, physically and mentally.

Self and the world

Opposite to the first house is the seventh house of the birth chart. The seventh house represents relationships and partnerships, including business and marriage. The first house is deeply linked to the seventh house and the duality or essence of relationships forms an integral part of an individual's experiences. The compatibility quotient between persons or the kind of people one will meet will be viewed from the characteristics of the first house.

First House is individual power

In my experience, the first house is the key to understanding the life of a native. One must not forget the importance of the lord of the first house.

Quoting from previous post,

If the first house is the self, the owner of the house automatically assumes importance. The owner that can reveal a lot about the quality of the house. The owner of the house here being the lagna lord, first house lord or ascendant lord. The strength of the first house lord can indicate the strength of the first house i.e. the strength of the native in the material physical world. The most important step while looking at the chart can be assessing the nature and potential of the lord of ascendant. (See Key to self awareness and growth: Lord of the Ascendant;

While studying a birth chart, I often begin from the first house. The first house offers guidance that is much needed to understand the rest of the chart. Also, the first house sheds light on the disposition of the native himself.

In my experience, the first house can indicate whether the person will be open to trying out any remedies offered by an astrologer or counsellor. A very senior astrologer once said, the chart can reveal what the native is trying to conceal.


Have you seen your first house?

What is your personality type?

Do you think people evolve with time ?

Can the birth chart reveal details about a person?

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