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Astrology and Healing - Part 1

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Healing is a process through which injuries or wounds are cured.

The word healing has many meanings and definitions. One reason for this is that healing or the healing process is of great interest to many people. It is also discussed by experts from different fields of study.

In general understanding, the word healing is linked to the experiences of transformation and regeneration. When one is healed, his/her condition is transformed from existing state to another state with the help of a medium. Also, regeneration or the power to regenerate means to heal and return to the original state as was before the injury. All biological entities are said to have the power to regenerate, including animals, plants and humans. The power to regenerate is defined as being inherent and linked to the natural capacity of living beings to heal.

On healing, developments in the fields of science and occult sciences are evidence to the fact that people are naturally drawn towards healing and are also powerful healers. According to Dr. Glen Swartwout, the purpose of healing is to free the mind and spirit for growth and development. And, as self-regulated beings, we learn and grow by making active choices and navigating life's challenges (Clinical Praxis).

Now, on the question as to what healing means in a specific situation, it would depend on many factors. For example-

- the various options available for healing

- the injury for which healing is sought

- what modes of healing are chosen etc.

The following paragraphs would explore the concept of healing in the context of astrology.

Astrology and Healing

The field of astrology is closely linked to the concept of healing. The following are few examples to explore astrology's connection with healing.

1. Healing through astrological guidance

2. Healing through astrological remedies

3. Healing and zodiac signs- nakshatras


First and foremost, in the world of astrology, the individual is seen as an earthly and a cosmic being. What that means is that astrology is equally concerned with the material and the non-material or higher or unseen aspects of one's life. Secondly, astrology is not only limited to the understanding of time and circumstances of today i.e. the present moment. It is equally concerned with the time which has been lived i.e. the past, and the time which is still to come- the future.

The above points can help in understanding the various sub-fields of astrology including predictive astrology, medical astrology, esoteric astrology, past life astrology etc. What is common to all of the above fields is astrological guidance or guidance from the astrologer.

Astrological guidance forms an integral part of astrology, whether predictive astrology or past life astrology. The guidance offered by an astrologer is often seen as having great healing potential in itself. Here, the astrologer plays a dual role- first as a healer and second as a source of information which can be used by the client in her/his journey towards healing.

Many scholars have been fascinated with the process of emotional and spiritual healing associated with astrology. In this regard, author Ari Moshe Wolfe writes, when a person gets an answer to his question why am I here?, it leads him/her to experience a state of deep emotional change and churning. Wolfe calls this experience- spiritual unfoldment.

In the words of Wolfe;

The meaning we derive from astrology depends entirely upon our cosmological understanding of why we are here in the first place... It is in fact possible to read the natal chart from the point of view of an evolutionary process; one that takes into account our timeless and immutable nature - the soul...

I felt that there must be more spiritual depth to astrology... I intuitively sensed that there was absolute intention and purpose for every planet to be exactly where it was at the moment of my birth. Why am I here? Why is this MY chart?

During the course of astrological consultations, the horoscope/birth chart is taken as an important source of information to answer the questions a client may have. Also, it helps in deciding as to whether healing is needed, and if it is, what healing method would be most beneficial.


In previous blog posts, the concept of remedies in astrology was briefly covered (See Astrology and the Occult with DK, 2021). Taking it further, one may explore the wide range of remedies an astrologer may prescribe during the consultations. Several remedies are said to have immense healing qualities.

One popular remedy is -the wearing of specific gemstones. For an astrologer, the decision as to choice of gemstone, its size and color etc., is decided from the horoscope placements. In general, gemstones are considered as a living part of the earth's energies, which when used to one's advantage, can bring healing at the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

...A separate blog post on the nature of gemstones and other remedies will follow soon...


The word "healing" comes up very often while discussing planets, signs and nakshatras (stars). Based on the kind of challenges a person is facing, the horoscope can give insights on the energies which are causing the challenge. In other words, which areas require healing.

Zodiac Signs

While talking about zodiac signs, the eighth sign of Scorpio is commonly associated with the process of regeneration. The prominence of the zodiac sign in the chart, or the placement of planets in the sign of Scorpio can give some clues about the specific areas of life where healing potential is hidden or available. This potential can be brought to the awareness of the individual during astrological consultations.

According to Alan Leo, the zodiac sign of Scorpio is symbolized by the "scorpion", whose sting is the most prominent feature. He further says, that in order for there to be real progress onwards (i.e. to the experiences of the zodiac signs), the sting of the scorpion must be extracted.

The power to regenerate is immense in this zodiac, and when properly utilized can give strong vision and inner power (the sign of healers and occult investigators, surgeons, detectives). According to Alan, the inner nature or destiny of this sign is regeneration. The sign contains " the wisdom of the serpent". According to Greene, change and transformation are the life forces for Scorpio (Liz Greene).


In addition to zodiac signs, the 27 nakshatras have been associated with immense power, including the power to heal. One example is of the first nakshatra in the sign of Aries i.e. Ashwini nakshatra. The deities of Ashwini nakshatra are the Ashwin Kumaras, popularly known as the physicians of the Gods. The Ashwini Kumaras are known for exceptional healing abilities, including miraculous healing.

For the astrologer, the prominence of this nakshatra in the horoscope can be a good starting point to explore what it could mean and offer to the client. It would also reveal about the challenges one may face while seeking healing and cures for a specific problem. (Also see nakshatra of Shatabishak- the star of 100 healers).


All in all, at every stage of one's tryst with astrology, it offers valuable information about healing, growth and happiness.


PS. This post is not written with the intention of promoting any particular method or healing practice.


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