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Astrology and Spirituality- Part 1

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

During the course of astrological consultations, questions about spirituality and spiritual life are often asked, making it necessary to think about spirituality in general, and in the context of the horoscope.

This post is a brief introduction to the theme of astrology and spirituality.


The word spirituality has many meanings. To a few, spirituality is about living in accordance with certain values and rules. To others, it is about searching for the truth about existence. Irrespective of what meaning is attributed to the word, there are few questions which are most commonly raised. These include-

- What does it mean to be spiritual?

- How does one become spiritual?

- Where do spiritual beliefs come from?

- How does spirituality manifest?

- Does spirituality have anything to do with age?

- Are spirituality and religion the same?

- How does one lead a spiritual life in a materialistic world?

Our beliefs

The spiritual inclinations of individuals (including one's views on spirituality) are important to the extent that they are believed to shape their actions, thoughts and decisions. And for that reason, these inclinations become the subject matter of study across different fields including psychology, philosophy and science.

In the field of neuroscience for instance, a recent study found that matters of spiritual acceptance and religiosity are linked to a specific circuit in the brain. The research was done with the use of a specialized technique to map spiritual responses and religiosity of persons being studied. On the research findings, the following statement was given by Michael Ferguson (member of the research team)-

Our results suggest that spirituality and religiosity are rooted in fundamental, neurobiological dynamics and deeply woven into our neuro-fabric...

We were astonished to find that this brain circuit for spirituality is centered in one of the most evolutionarily preserved structures in the brain. (Neuro Science News, July 2021)

While all disciplines would offer a unique perspective on matters related to spirituality, a unique perspective can also be formed in the context of astrology.

Spirituality and Astrology- Making the Connections

There are many ways in which a connection between spirituality and astrology can be drawn. There are direct references for to example to "spirituality giving yogas/combinations" in classical astrological texts. And then there are the indirect references based on the overall influence of planets and nakshatras in the horoscope.

In the upcoming posts on astrology and spirituality, the following sub-themes will be discussed;

  1. The 9th House of Astrology (Part 2)

  2. The Sattvic Personality (Part 3)


To continue...Astrology and Spirituality

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