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Astrology and Spirituality (Part 3)- The Sattvic Personality

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Under the theme of Astrology and Spirituality, we covered the concept of spirituality in Part 1, and the 9th House of horoscope in Part 2.

Today's post is a brief note on the sattvic nature of persons and planets as has been described in the classical astrological texts. The sattvic temperament here relates most closely with the concept of spirituality and spiritual life.

The Sattvic Personality and Planets

In astrology, a temperament/nature is attributed to planets and nakshatras. This nature is sattvic, tamasic (inertia/destruction) or rajasic (action/growth). Based on the level of influence of planets and nakshatras, the horoscope will reveal which qualities/gunas which are dominant in the personality of an individual.

Satwa Nature

For example, the astrological text of BPHS says- that when the "Satwa- guni planets i.e. Sun, Moon and Jupiter are predominant, the person born is a satwa-guni and of a good character. The persons so born are classified as Uttama i.e. most excellent with natural attributes like ability to control organs of perception of mind, simplicity, truthfulness, patience and satisfaction. (Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, tranlation by G.S. Kapoor).

The Internal Make-up

The concentration of a certain guna/quality in the birth chart can be seen as the "internal make up" of persons which will shape and determine the choices one makes, the thoughts one has...and the belief system one will endorse. And from the lens of the planets and nakshatras, one can better understand as to why individuals are drawn to certain activities, thoughts, ideas, groups and people.

In the modern sense of the word, leading a sattvic life implies that we live in harmony and in alignment with nature. A sattvic life is based on the acceptance of the interrelatedness of all things in nature. The "sattvic" temperament/guna can be closely associated with the concept of spirituality and higher consciousness.


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