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Astrology and Lucky Objects- Part 2 (Rohini, Ardra, Magha, Swati, Uttarashada, Revati)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

In Part 1 of Astrology and Lucky Objects we covered the lucky objects for seven nakshatras. (See Astrology and Lucky Symbols, Part 1;

Today we delve into what objects can bring harmony to the natives who have their ascendant in Rohini, Ardra, Magha, Swati, Uttarashada, and Revati.

  1. Rohini

Rohini falls in the zodiac sign of Taurus ruled by Venus. The meaning of Rohini is the "reddish one" and is considered a fertile and creative star because of its association with the deity Brahma. (For more insights see The Taurus Personality, 8th House;

The symbol of Rohini is the Ox-Cart. In few parts of the world Ox-cart festivals are popular. Ox-carts are celebrated as a symbol of tradition and art. (See The most popular has been the Costa Rica Ox Cart Art, also recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on the official website of the UNESCO (

The symbol of the ox-cart in Rohini brings one closer to themes of productivity and reaping of the fruits.

2. Ardra

Ardra falls in the sign of Gemini ruled by Mercury. Ardra means "the moist" one. The main symbol of Ardra is the tear drop. The moistness is linked to the morning dew and the natural cleansing process. Establishing a connection with the many meanings of a tear drop can be fruitful for the Ardra natives.

3. Magha

Magha falls in the sign of Leo ruled by the Sun. Magha means the "mighty" one. The primary symbol of Magha is the throne. It can be looked at as a kingly nakshatra because of the symbol. The deity of magha are the pitris or ancestors making the Magha energies rooted in past lives, previous experiences or ancestral roots.

It is one of the most fascinating of nakshatras because of its association with the past generations and symbols of royalty. Different cultures adopt different practices to honor and worship the ancestors in order to seek guidance and freedom from misfortunes.

4. Swati

Swati falls in the sign of Libra ruled by Venus. Swati is associated with the wind and wind god with its primary symbol being a "young shoot blowing in the wind". Other symbols include coral and sword.

The nature of Swati is deciphered through the study of its zodiac placement and symbols. The sign of Libra is also where the planet Saturn reaches its height of exaltation and Sun the lowest point of debilitation.

Just like the qualities and dualities in the symbols of Swati, it is a mysterious star with a reservoir of latent energies.

5. Uttarashada

Uttarashada falls partly in the sign of Saggitarius and partly in the sign of Capricorn. The rulership of the two powerful planets like Jupiter and Saturn over Saggitarius and Capricorn respectively adds great depth and meaning to the nakshatra. The primary deity is Ganesha, the symbol of beginnings and removal or challenges. The meaning of Uttarashada is "later victory" coming from the overcoming of trials and feats. The nakshatra carries forward from the previous nakshatra of Purvashada meaning "early victory".

The primary symbol of the nakshatra is the "tusk of the elephant". The tusk of the elephant conjures several meanings like beauty, strength, royalty, and battle.

Aligning with the symbol of the nakshatra can add great vitality to the various pursuits an individual undertakes.

6. Revati

Revati is the last nakshatra and is located in the sign of Pisces ruled by Jupiter. Revati is referred to as the "wealthy one". (For more insights see The "Wealthy One" in Astrology; 8th House, 2020;

The themes of Revati include movement, direction, path, journeys and its primary symbol are the "two fishes". For Revati natives, feelings of belonging to a cosmic ocean are deep. They are highly philosophical with a mental connection with higher concepts and truths.

Being close to the symbols of Revati can assist in aligning with the idea of a "life purpose" and what one's role is in the grand scheme of things.

Creating with astrology

With the help of astrology one can create a harmonious physical environment. It can be an enriching experience to align with the energies of the birth chart through objects/paintings. At the same time, one can also observe how the energy of the birth chart is reflecting in the objects around us.


What brings you luck?

Which nakshatra theme do you relate with?


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