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Astrology and Lucky Objects (Part 1- Hasta, Mula, Purvashada, Jyeshta, Dhanishta, Vishakha, Ashvini)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

There have been numerous instances when objects like paintings, stones, photos have brought me luck (positive experiences). It has been amazing to discover the energy of objects around me. Most of them tell a story. The science of Vaastu Shastra also goes into the auspiciousness or in-auspiciousness of spaces and things. Then there are lucky colors, lucky gems, and lucky numbers (numerology). The subject of astrology also offers guidance on what objects can be beneficial and uplifting.

There are many methods/ways to decide on lucky objects. In today's post I rely on the first house/ascendant nakshatra (to know of your ascendant nakshatra get a free birth chart). The ascendant nakshatra is the indicator of one's life force, one's innate nature, the purpose of life, the trajectory of one's individual journey in the material world. The connection to this energy type can be made in many ways. Coming to harmony with the energy type can lead to harmonious experiences. Meditating on the symbols or objects can also be a benefic experience.

Stars, Objects and Luck

In the following paragraphs will cover the nakshatra of Hasta, Mula, Purvashada, Jyeshta, Vishakha, Dhanishta and Ashvini. The natives with these nakshatras in the ascendant may feel the connections strongly.

1. Hasta

Hasta nakshatra falls in the sign of Virgo ruled by planet Mercury. The literal meaning of Hasta is "the hand".

Connecting and relating with the power of the hand is the key to aligning with the nakshatra. The hand is also significant in palmistry which reveals the destiny of natives.

2. Mula

Mula nakshatra falls in the sign of Saggitarius ruled by Jupiter. The meaning of Mula is "root". Roots are also defined as the hidden life force. Other associations of Mula come from the deity and symbols.

Connecting with the "roots" can bring one in alignment with the energies of Mula. It can also help the native in maintaining stability and staying grounded during upheavals.

3. Purvashada

Purvashada nakshatra falls in the sign of Saggitarius ruled by Jupiter. The meaning of Purvashada is "early victory". One of its symbols is the hand held fan. Other associations come from its deity Apas, the water goddess.

The hand held fan is popular in different parts of the world. From being an object for cooling, it is also seen as a status symbol. Connecting with the energies of the nakshatra through the fan symbol can bring positive vibes to the native.

4. Jyeshta

Jyeshta falls in the sign of Scorpio ruled by Mars. Jyeshta means the "the elder most". The symbols associated include a protective amulet, talisman, round earring (Prash Trivedi, The Book of Nakshtras, 2005).

Connecting through the above objects

can bring harmonious experiences.

5. Vishakha

The nakshatra falls partly in the sign of Libra ruled by Venus and partly in Scorpio ruled by Mars. The literal meaning of Vishakha is "two branched". The nakshatra is also ruled by two deities of Agni and Indra. It is also represented by a archway or gateway bringing in themes of on-going journeys and their completions. The archway also symbolizing the right to passage to different phases of life.

Connecting with the energies can be uplifting for the native making the transitions in life smoother.

6. Dhanishta

The nakshatra of Dhanishta is placed in the sign of Capricorn ruled by Saturn. The meaning of Dhanishta is the wealthy one. (See post-The "Wealthy One" in Astrology, 8th House, 2020

Astrologers associate the nakshatra with the drum. The drum produces music and the nakshatra has the power to create sound and rhythms which can be uplifting. The power of the nakshatra can also make the native popular and easily heard.

7. Ashvini

The nakshatra falls in the sign of Aries ruled by Mars. Ashwini is symbolized by the twin Ashvini Kumaras. The Ashvin Kumaras in mythology are depicted with a horse head and human body. They have miraculous healing powers and status of being the physicians of the Gods.

The nakshatra is symbolized by the head of the horse or a horse carriage. The placement of Asvini in the first sign of the zodiac makes it the star of speed and vitality.

Creating with astrology

With the help of astrology one can create a harmonious physical environment. It can be an enriching experience to align with the energies of the birth chart through objects/paintings. At the same time, one can also observe how the energy of the birth chart is manifesting in the objects around us. (the above painting/art is made by a Hasta native).

In future posts will delve into the other nakshatras. Also look out for posts on symbols and representations of zodiac signs and planets.


Is there a pattern in your choice of decorative items?

Do the paintings around you tell a story?

Which is your most prized item in the house?


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