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Air Signs

Air is the force of life.

Air signs i.e. Aquarius, Libra and Gemini reflect the material and non- material qualities of the " air element". The air signs have the quality of "relating and interacting" with others/world through words, ideas, philosophies and humanitarian goals like justice.

Each air sign has unique qualities based on rulership etc.-

Aquarius - is boldly innovative to offer something of "value" to people, groups or the world in general. ♒ 11

Libra- is committed to achieving and maintaining a "line of balance" in all interactions with self and others. ♎ 07

Gemini- is filled with mental vitality/ curiosity for experimenting and making connections with people, ideas, subjects... ♊ 03

OUTSIDE of astrology, many have spoken of the "essence of air" and human well being. HAROLD FROMM, in "Air and Being" and "Psychedelics of Pollution" connects human free will to "quality of air". According to Fromm, in addition to genes, social class and psychic history, one's accomplishments, moods and perspectives are are also detemined by the chemical mix of the air one is breathing at any given moment.

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