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Social Isolation and the Power of Saturn in 2020

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Saturn defines the limits of our existence.

The year 2020 has thrown the world into a pit of challenges. For many, the most challenging experience has been social isolation. In astrology, isolation is often associated with planet Saturn. It is commonly known and understood that Saturn brings isolation at specific intervals of life. Isolation also experienced as depression and loss of the happy things in life.

The word isolation conveys different meanings to different people. To a few it means leading a solitary existence. To others, the separation of a person from the world. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, isolation was viewed in a limited sense. It was limited to isolation of individuals from others. The year 2020 brought people all over the world face to face with the phenomena of social isolation. All places of community engagement and interaction were closed temporarily during lockdowns pushing people to disengage from social interactions.

Here are some of the scenarios which help us understand the great hand of Saturn in 2020;

1. Isolation and social isolation experienced by individuals and societies. Saturn is often associated with restrictions, boundaries, law of karma and isolation. The world has been a witness to several restrictions including movement, social engagement etc.

2. Darkness and fear.

The future of the world is unpredictable and uncertain. The world is on survival mode, the most real and hard hitting instinct. Saturn is the planet of harsh realties and truth.

4. Economic and employment concerns

Job loss, wage cuts, limited staff shifts, and reduction in spending. Saturn is capable of drying up material resources.

5. Acknowledging and caring for the poor population

The plight of the deprived is further heightened. At the same time, all resources are being mobilized to cater to the most vulnerable. Saturn represents the economically and socially deprived sections.

6. Delay and obstacles

The world anticipates the coming of a vaccine. The delays and obstacles reflect on Saturn's influence on the subject.

7. Habits and ways

2020 Saturn is in its own sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is a tough sign. It can signal habits or routines we hold on to even when they no longer serve us or anyone in the world. Those habits are bound to crumble as Saturn progresses through the sign in 2020-2021. We will soon be cutting expenditures, re-building, & re-thinking investments.

8. Capricorn is original 10th house of the zodiac. Work and employment will have to be re-defined. Saturn as the significator of work and profession is a tough master. Work from home option can get tougher in the times to come.

More on the power of Saturn soon.

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