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Lord of the Ascendant

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

When a child is born, details such as time and place of birth are recorded. Additional details are further marked including the rising sign/ sign rising in the sky and the planetary alignments in the sky.

The rising sign is cast as the first house of the 12 houses in the astrological chart. It is the sign that signals coming of life. For that very reason, the first house is called the house of the self (Charles & Suzi Harvey). A representation of physical birth into this world. It is said that the first house reveals a lot about the native, including his/her physical appearance, personality, preferences, and hidden orientations.

If the first house is the self, the owner of the house automatically assumes importance. The owner that can reveal a lot about the quality of the house. The owner of the house here being the lagna lord, first house lord or ascendant lord. The strength of the first house lord can indicate the strength of the first house i.e. the strength of the native in the material physical world. The most important step while looking at the chart can be assessing the nature and potential of the lord of ascendant.

Based on the guiding principles (8 Guiding Principles) and my observations, the following are some keys to unlock the mysteries about the lagna lord;

1. Many factors can determine the strength of the first house lord. Strength here is not to be seen only in terms of physical strength. It can also indicate strength of personality or character. The strength may be assessed by looking at conjunctions involving the first lord. For instance the first house lord sits with a very powerful planet of the chart. In such a case, nature of strength will be reflected in this alliance. It can be seen by its placement in the chart, both house and sign placements.

2. First house lord has the capacity to evolve. It is for all planets infact. All planets reach stages of maturation. So do the 12 houses. The evolution of the first house lord is the evolution of the person. As a result, different results are attained at different stages of life.

3. Placement of the first house lord is also an important factor. The life of the native may not necessarily revolve around the matters of the house where the lagna lord is placed, but something about that house will definitely stand out for the native.

4. The lord of the ascendant can be kept happy and prosperous. If the native though various means feeds or nurtures the inner qualities of the first house lord, it can potentially give beneficial results. This I feel is a great remedy for self growth. For instance, if the first house lord is Jupiter, one can always do the things Jupiter is known for, such as teaching or promoting education, sharing food with living creatures, reading religious or philosophical books etc. Improving the capacity of the first house lord in a way is also improving the self.

5. If one wants to dive deeper into self discovery, a combined reading of the nakshatra of the first house lord and the nakshatra of the ascendant can give great results. This formula never fails. (nakshatra insights coming soon).

6. There is nothing like a bad lagna lord. If one exists in the physical world, it implies that the lagna lord has the capacity to sustain life. Whatever one may be perceiving as bad or bad placements can be a result of many factors including dasha or the current age of native.

7. One may find out which animals, symbols, or deities are associated with the lagna lord. One can try to honor and respect them and make them part of life in some way or the other.

8. In continuation of point no.4 above. Sometimes one may indulge in actions which can spoil the significations of the lagna lord. This can diminish the qualities and brightness of the chart in many ways.


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