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4th House in Astrology: 8th HOUSE BITES

What does the 4th House in astrology represent?

The 4th house in the birth chart represents matters of "home" and of the "heart and happiness".

The 4th house is dynamic enough to cover the tangible aspects of "home" like buildings, land and physical structures. It also covers intangible aspects of "home" including feelings of being "nurtured and cared for" and the feeling of "belongingness".

Matters of home and happiness at all the stages of life (childhood, adulthood, old age) are "4th house matters". That constant feeling of being unsettled despite being at home is a "4th house matter". That feeling of "finally being home" even when away from home (place of birth) is a "4th house matter".

The Root of 4th House

Outside of astrology, scholars have added insights on the concept of home. Few define " home" as a human beings inner most room...(core or inner self). Those that are connected with this "inner room" will feel safe and forge caring relationships. (Hilli & Eriksson). To many others, searching for "home" is a basic trait of all human beings. Yet, "what" and "where" home is, is an enigma...

In astrology, planetary placements, aspects and transits over the 4th house can deeply influence matters of this house. It is undoubtedly a big test to get to to "root" of the 4th house to uncover matters of home and inner happiness.


I can rest, I am home.


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