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12 Reasons Why I Love Astrology- Part 2

Last week, I started this Blog Series called 12 Reasons Why I Love Astrology. In Part 1 of the Series, the following 3 reasons were covered;

1. It is ancient

2. It is a source of wisdom, and

3. It can predict the future

Here is Part 2 on 12 Reasons Why I Love Astrology.



It is remedial in nature

Remedies are the most sacred part of astrology. It is through astrological remedies that many people try to overcome the adverse conditions of life.

Recently, in the post on Remedies- the functional side of astrology, I made a humble attempt to highlight the importance of remedies in astrology. In astrology, a "remedy/upaya" is like a "solution" or a practical measure to either "minimize the negative conditions" in the horoscope or to "enhance the positive conditions" in the horoscope, or both. Many remedies are also said to have immense healing qualities (Astrology and Healing - Part 1)

Most classical texts have a chapter or two on remedies. For example, the BPHS has a chapter called "Antidotes for Evils". In Prasna Marga, there are chapters on afflictions and remedies. These classical texts shed light on the importance of remedies in eradicating different kinds of afflictions in the horoscope.

5. It is nature centric

Astrology is deeply rooted in nature/natural world. Starting from its its principles, to its remedies and philosophy, astrology functions in alignment with nature, its elements and processes.

There are so many ways to understand this deep and unbreakable bond that astrology makes with nature. The best example is that of the elements in nature. The elements i.e. air, water, fire, earth and space are the building blocks for many of the rules and principles in astrology. In medical astrology, attempts are made to find solutions to diseases and illness on the basis of the concentration of the elemental energies in the horoscope.

There are many other ways to understand this relationship. Let's take the example of the zodiac signs. The 12 zodiac signs have been given their abode/home in the natural habitats on earth. For instance, the abode/region of the zodiac of Leo is the mountain-caves and dense forests. For Aries, it is the surface of the Earth containing stones and minerals, etc. In addition, natural substances have been ascribed to the planets, including copper, gems, gold, iron etc. In addition, each planet is ascribed precious stones like the pearl, ruby, emerald, sapphire etc.

All of these associations between signs, planets and the natural world are also helpful in the practical application of astrological rules (for predictions and remedies).


It is mystical

Astrology has a mystical side. By "mystical" I mean that astrology makes a connection with supernatural and otherworldly energies and beings. Sometimes, one may resort to these beings and energies to overcome planetary and other afflictions in the horoscope. A few classical texts also mention the afflictions and disturbances caused by the anger of serpent gods, deities, ghosts etc.

On this very topic, I am reminded of the post - Deities on Earth: The Making and Worship of Yantras, in which I briefly discussed the use of yantras.

Occasionally, people resort to yantras to uplift the energies of planets or to seek the blessings of supernatural beings. A yantra, is a tool, made with geometrical patterns, signs, words and numbers. On its preparation, the yantra is worshipped as the abode of a deity or otherworldly energy. The whole process of making, use and worship of the yantras is governed by rules of astrology.

Recently, I also found a mention of talismans in A History, Magic, Witchcraft and the Occult. In the ancient times, talismans were used in to enhance the influence of planets. The talismans were prepared with different materials and were linked to astral factors for maximum results. The making and use of talismans was to be in accordance with principles of astrology.

In addition to the above, one may find numerous other examples to highlight the mystical and otherworldly side of astrology.


Thankyou for reading.

Stay tuned for Part 3 on 12 Reasons Why I Love Astrology

Link to Part 1, here


- A History, Magic, Witchcraft and the Occult by DK Publications, 2020.

- Jataka Parijata

- Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

- Prasna Marga


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