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12 Reasons Why I love Astrology (Part 1)

Ideally, this post should have been written a long time ago.

About fifteen years back, it was a book on palmistry that first got me interested in astrology and matters of fate-destiny. Over the years, I not only realized the importance of astrology as a knowledge system, but also as a tool for self awareness, self realization and healing.

Objectively speaking, astrology has always been a very popular subject. Over the centuries, it has evolved and grown considerably in terms of methods and concepts in order to cater to the trends and needs of people.

Today, astrology has global appeal and is an integral part of culture and lifestyle of societies. The fact that there are different schools of thought in astrology (e.g. Western- Indian), also adds to its global appeal.

In this post, I am sharing my reasons on "Why I love astrology".

This post is Part 1.


1. It's ancient

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences with its astrological rules, principles and methods going back to ancient times.

Historically, in different parts of the world, astrology had a special status within society. With the use of the horoscope, predictions were made for individuals, kings and countries. Those who were well versed with astrology were treated with high-regard for their knowledge about the planets, and their ability to foresee the effects of planets.

In the Encyclopedia of the Occult, astrology is referred to as one of the most ancient branches of occultism still being practiced today.

2. It's a source of wisdom

Classical astrological texts provide deep meaning and insights on concepts that we use in our everyday lives. A few of these concepts include- karma, re-incarnation, providence, penance, knowledge, ascetism, liberation and suffering. (e.g. texts- BPHS, Jataka Parijata, Phaldeepika, Prasna Marga).

Previously, I tried exploring the above idea while writing on the concept of "wealth" in The Wealthy One in Astrology. In this post, the expressions "wealth" and "being wealthy" were discussed in light of the lunar constellation/nakshatra of Revati (27th nakshatra).

In Vedic astrology, Revati nakshatra is called the "wealthy one". The nakshatra is embodied with the power and energy to "nourish".

A closer look at Revati nakshatra, in terms of meaning, shows that it does not relate with the popular or general understanding of the expressions "wealth" and "being wealthy" i.e. physical money, accumulation of money, finance and materialism. In Revati, the meaning of the expression "wealthy one" is related to one's capacity to "receive and give nourishment".

Today, the ancient wisdom of Revati nakshatra can be seen influencing world trends on matters of wealth. For instance, on the index of wealthiest countries of the world, all countries are judged on income as well as "social progress index". Here, "social progress" includes nourishment, water, safety, medical care...and quality of life. In other words, nourishment is understood as being an important indicator of social progress and wealth of the countries.

Through the example of Revati, one can understand the "wisdom" that astrology offers.

3. It can "Predict the future"

Human beings have always been interested in knowing and controlling the future. Several ancient rituals and practices have indicated the same. (Example, the practice of necromancy which involves the art of knowing the future by conjuring spirits of the dead💀)

Several ancient practices have shed light on the inherent desire of human beings to "know about the future", and to "access knowledge" which can not be accessed with the ordinary senses.

Today, predictive astrology is concerned with the foretelling of future events based on the movements of the planets and the horoscope.

Because of its strong connection with the future and future events, astrology is one of the most revered subjects in occultism. In addition, astrology highlights the power of the human mind in terms of intitution and occult intelligence.



Thankyou for reading.

Stay tuned for part 2 on 12 Reasons Why I Love Astrology

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