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Daily Messages 
Based on planetary transits and the tarot

8th June, 2021

There will be moments in the day which will require you to be balanced and moderate in action and opinion. If you feel stuck at any moment, just remember that you have the ability to bring harmony to any situation. It is your gift.  

9th June, 2021

We use our energy for various pursuits. It is a good idea to be aware of your own energy, and also to tame it once in a while from being wasted and destructive. 


If you find it difficult to preserve or tame your energy flow, go the traditional way. Light a lamp or candle and offer your full concentration to it. You may also do it everyday, if that is what you need. 

10th June, 2021

We have the solar eclipse today. Take some time off from regular activity and go in to a "doing nothing" zone. The eclipse is a celestial event which reminds us of how important it is to live in harmony with nature and all that it has to offer. 

In case you are interested, NASA has a link for a live view of the eclipse. Check it out. 

11th June, 2021

Eclipses can make one feel dull and exhausted. Try not to force yourself to do things or make plans. Let things happen (or not happen) in a natural way.

12th June, 2021

There are times we find ourselves facing a storm, whether on the inside or outside. These moments can be turned into opportunities. We either learn to fight and survive, or surrender and retreat. Either way we become stronger- like a warrior in the battlefield (Ardra energy)


13th June, 2021

Sometimes our habits and fixed ideas bring us down. It is okay to re-think on some of them. Especially the ones that make us chained and less flexible. 

Tarot reading says-\Doing constant comparison with others can also drain away the positivity of the mind and body.


14th- 16th June, 2021

14th June

Something is coming to an end. It could be a situation or it could be the end of an old version of you. The change may or may not be sudden. 
Changes can cause discomfort or anxiety. It will be okay as time passes by. 

15th June

You can either do things slowly or at a fast pace. Either way it is okay. Just remember to be confident and stylish. 

It is a good day to clean the corners of the house. It is a good day to remember our ancestors. 

16th June

There is great wisdom hidden inside all of us. The wisdom remains hidden if not discovered. Today is the day to honor things of the past and the wisdom deep inside. (Magha energy)

17th-19th June, 2021

17th June

There are few things that we cannot buy with money. One is good advise and the other good advisors. It is very important to value the two. A good advise can come from anyone (even a stranger, even a younger person). It can also come at anytime. It is important to be mindful. (Purva-phalguni energy)

18th June

Information related energy is strong today. If you have information which might be of help to someone, share it. Also, avoid misleading another person with false information. 

19th June

We all put in a lot of efforts on starting projects or maintaining our relationships. What should matter most are the "details". Although going into the details of everything can be tiring and boring. But that is what it takes to create something long-lasting and meaningful. 
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